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14.30ct Amethyst (Rose de France) Inclusion

14.30ct Amethyst (Rose de France) Inclusion

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These Four Amethyst (Rose de France) originates from Brazil and its weight are about 14.30 carats. The shape/cut-style of These Four Amethyst (Rose de France) is Navette. These Four Amethyst (Rose de France) are available to order and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Price per ct

- 1.50 USD

Size and Weight

- 17 mm x 8 mm  x 6 mm
- Gems are measured in Millimiter (mm)
- Dimensions are given as length x width x height
- 1ct = 0.2g


Payment Options

- Bank Transfer


- All gemstones are natural
- All photos are of the actual gem for sale (we DON'T use stock photos)

Additional Quantities

- Every item is unique, so you can order 1 of each item
- We often have similar or matching items. You can take a look and search for them

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