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Paranhos Gems

3.42ct Tourmaline Mix

3.42ct Tourmaline Mix

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This Tourmaline Mix originates from Brazil and its weight is about 3.42 carats. The shape/cut-style of this Tourmaline Mix is variedThis Tourmaline Mix is available to order and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Price per ct

- 9 USD

Size and Weight

- N/A
- Gems are measured in Millimiter (mm)
- Dimensions are given as length x width x height
- 1ct = 0.2g


Payment Options

Bank Transfer


- All gemstones are natural
- All photos are of the actual gem for sale (we DON'T use stock photos)

Additional Quantities

- Every item is unique, so you can order 1 of each item
- We often have similar or matching items. You can take a look and search for them

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